Williamson Family Extranet

Family History




George Donald (Dan) Williamson
(smoked pipe and cigars/social drinker)

Born June 22, 1899

Died March 16, 1966 (age 67) as result of complications from stroke


Paternal Grandfather – Henry Williamson

Born Mar 12, 1853

Died August 28, 1926 (age 73) – chronic bronchitis


Paternal Grandmother – Mary Jane  (McEachern)Williamson

March 14, 1856

Died June 7, 1912 (age 56) – primary cause of death listed as Cancer 5 months and immediate 5 days as acute nephritis (inflammation of the kidney)



Great Grandfather - William Williamson 

Born Jan 17, 1815 

Died June 22, 1895 (age 80) - valvular heart/dropsy {congestive heart failure}




Great Grandmother – Elizabeth (Lyons) Williamson

Born April 29,1817

Died Nov 26, 1896 (age 79) – certificate says died of “old age”



Great Grandfather – Roger McEachern  

Born May 25, 1828

Died July 26, 1910 (age 82) – primary cause of death intestinal obstruction -immediate cause of death exhaustion




Great Grandmother – Elizabeth “Betsy” (Morrison) McEachern

Born Jan 2, 1826

Died Dec 6, 1909 (age 83) - No death details source found as yet

Sylvia  Whillimena Williamson (smoked lightly over the years – never inhaled – never drank any alcohol at all

Born June 22, 1906

Died October 17, 1987 (age 81) –  Transient Ischemic Attacks – (mini strokes)

 (gall bladder, hysterectomy late 60’s, suffered from severe pain around shoulder area, shingles, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, enlarged heart)


Maternal Grandfather  – James Emerson Arnold

Born July 19, 1875

No death details source found as yet


Maternal Grandmother – Agnes Marie (Land) Arnold

Born Nov 11, 1877

Died Oct 19, 1959 (age 82) (no death certificate found as yet).  She did have breast cancer and one breast removed a few years before she passed away.




Great Grandfather – James Arnold Sr.

Born Mar 20, 1847

Died Sept 28, 1932 (age 85) – carcinoma of stomach - Myocarditis




Great Grandfather – Hiram Chester (Charles) Land

Born Sep 15, 1847

Died Feb  13, 1920 9age 75) – Atherosclerosis




Great  Grandmother – Zidana Isabelle {LeClair or LeClare} Land

Born Nov 29, 1845

Died Jan 15, 1923 (age 78) – primary cause of death “apoplexy”, contributory cause  






Great Great Grandfather Alexander LeClair

Born around 1816 (no birth details source found as yet )

Died Jan 8, 1882 (age 66) - as result of pneumonia


Children of  Sylvia and Dan Williamson

Howard Bruce Williamson (heavy smoker/social drinker)

Born August 26, 1926


Presently has periphery arterial disease (mild) / emphysema from smoking/ acid reflux




Agnes Mary (heavy smoker/social drinker)


Born December 18, 1928


Died October 30, 2009 (Age 81) as result of Valvular heart disease


(low blood pressure/ hysterectomy/ gall bladder/ bad knees/shingles/

extreme Osteoporosis –( had a Dowagers hump which is an abnormal outward curvature of the vertebrae of upper back. Compression of the front (anterior) portion of the involved vertebrae leads to forward bending of the spine (kyphosis) and creates a hump at the upper back and is due to osteoporosis changes in the thoracic spine)



Evelyn Gertrude (heavy smoker/social drinker)



Born April 10, 1930


Died April 2008 (age 72)  -

Colon-rectal cancer


(back-degenerative disk disease  – drop foot result of disk damage/high blood pressure/high cholesterol/shingles/hiatus hernia)


Richard Wesley (heavy smoker/never drank alcohol)


Born October 17, 1931


Died August 2, 2002 (Age 71) as result of Lung cancer




Lillian Hazel Joyce  (non smoker/social drinker)


Born August 24, 1935


Died March 26, 2009 (age 74) as result of Pulmonary Fibrosis {Hazel had severe scarring tissue and Doctors always questioned whether she had been affected by tuberculosis when younger}


(high blood pressure/ severe sinus infections/diverticulitis/  hysterectomy as result of uterine fibroids/ shingles / back issues possibly sciatica/bronchitis/ pneumonia)



Sylvia Elizabeth(smoker/social drinker)


Born June 4, 1937


Died January 21, 2005 (age 68) as result of  Ovarian cancer


(Cervical cancer age 27 resulting in  partial hysterectomy/ surgery re shoulder problems possibly as result of shingles (frozen shoulders)/ back problem pinched sciatica nerve/ shingles/poor circulation/bronchitis/diverticula/ prone to cysts – eyeball area 30’s, groin area age 38, breast age 40/hiatus hernia)



George Verner (heavy smoker/social drinker)


Born June 6, 1940


Died March 28, 2003 (age 63)

Heart - Coronary Artery Disease and also Valvular heart disease


 (impetigo/chronic infections/bronchitis)




Carolynne Phylis Doreen (never smoked/social drinker)


Born July 29, 1949




(cervical cancer –   complete hysterectomy due to family history/ gall Bladder removed/ 

degenerative disk disease (lumbar laminectomy surgery herniated disc L4-L5 /scoliosis– two curvatures /osteoarthritis { back (thoracic and lumbar), both knees, both hips, both hands (left being extreme)}/susceptible to blood poisoning (septicemia) and cellulitis/gastroesophageal reflux disease/ gastroparesi/ shingles/minor mitral heart valve leak/minor Atherosclerosis


General Information


Hazel had a "caffe au lait" birthmark on the right leg between the knee and ankle; Carolynne has strawberry birthmark on derriere and small caffee au lait on inside of  right leg just below knee ; Evelyn had a “caffe au lait” birthmark on her leg just above the ankle; Betty’s granddaughter Jenna Haddon also has the "caffe au lait"  birthmark on same leg same spot, as Hazel and  Jenna also  had strawberry marks but they disappeared.

Heart Murmers 

Carolynne, Kristi (Carolynne’s daughter when younger),Evelyn,  Karen (Bettys daughter),  Shannon (Bettys granddaughter)



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