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          Emmanuel Hahn and the Monument

Immediately following the Great War local Beach citizens raised funds to construct a cenotaph
in memory
of the students of Malvern Collegiate who fought and died. .The monument shown
here was sculpted by Emmanuel Hahn and features the names of all of the students killed
etched on its side.

Emmanuel Hahn is probably most famous as the designer of the Bluenose sculpture on the
back of the Canadian dime and the Caribou on the back of the Canadian quarter.

He is also famous as the victim of racism and anti German bias in the years following the Great
War. In 1925 Winnipeg held a contest to design and build a memorial to the Great War.
Emmanuel Hahn submitted a design that was initially the winning one. Several groups of vocal
citizens in Winnipeg, including the Winnipeg Board of Trade, the Provincial Chapter of the
I.O.D.E., the Traveller's Association and the returned soldiers' associations, vehemently
protested the choice on the grounds of Mr. Hahn's birthplace. Emmanuel Hahn had come to
Canada in 1892 at the age of eleven and he was a naturalized Canadian but he was German

On February 25, 1926 at a war memorial meeting it was decided that Mr. Hahn should be paid
the five hundred dollars for the winning design and that the contest  be re-opened to persons
British-born or born in countries which were allies of Britain during the war.

The second contest was won by a Canadian born woman sculptor, Elizabeth Wood of Toronto.
Unfortunately, she happened to be the wife of Emmanuel Hahn. In November, 1927, citizens
rejected the decision of the judges because "it didn't appeal to them". Mrs. Hahn got her five
hundred dollars and a local Winnipeg designer was chosen. Such was the hysteria of the times