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The Memorial

Immediately following the Great War local Beach citizens
raised funds for and constructed a cenotaph in memory of the
students of Malvern Collegiate who fought and died. in the
horrific conflict.

The monument was sculpted by Emmanuel Hahn and
features the names of all of the students killed etched on its
side. The figure modeling the monument is none other than
Toronto's own Ned Hanlin. He is holding a down turned sword
in one hand, symbolic of the end of the conflict and broken
chains in the other, symbolic of  freedom.

Several years ago vandals severed the right arm of the statue.
Since then time and weather have continued to take their toll.
Unless something is done quickly there will soon be nothing
left of the memory of those kids.

The sad but true fact is that there s no money or cash reserve
either at Malvern Collegiate or the Toronto and District School
Board with which to effect repairs.


          Monument top

      Full monument